Why Massage

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It is known that sitting all day without appropriate movement is harmful to your health. But did you know that a massage therapy reduces this risk as it stimulates your blood circulation and enables your body to get in balance in an unnatural environment?

Repetitive strain injury, tension headaches and or posture problems could result in your employees taking more time off work. We can offer you massage packages to help resolve this.


What we do

In simple terms, a team member will come to your workplace at an agreed time to give your employees massage treatments during office hours.

All that is needed is a quiet meeting room for us to set up a pop up spa corner. And all you have to do is come!
For your convenience, these massage treatments do not include taking off clothes or the usage of massage oils, although a short consultation will be taken to identify the needs of the client.

Here, in “Think Balance!”, we believe that in order to be more productive and successful, one should have an opportunity to create a healthy balance between work and rest. With our services we want to help create healthy workplaces in Zurich, where workes feel appreciated and well looked after. 

Employees who take regular breaks during their working day tend to be more effective, productive and efficient at work!