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  • Would you like to increase the productivity of your employees? We could help you achieve this by offering massage treatments according to your schedule.

  • Do your employees spend half of their lunch break commuting to a massage therapist? They don’t have to anymore, we come to you!

  • Would you like to help prevent your employees from illness related to long sitting hours and computer usage?


Hello, we are “Think Balance”! A mobile office massage company based in Zurich. We specialise in offering massage treatments at your venue!

Think Balance could help you achieve excelling your employees’ performance by offering massage treatments individually aligned to their schedule. They don’t have to commute long distances anymore, as we come to your workplace.

Massage is also an innovative and healthy way to make your business or product visible and memorable to your clients. Feeling intrigued? Check out our Office Massage Packages and Exhibitions & Events Packages!